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Interpreter's Retreat

"While those granted prophetic visions--the Mystics--are revered, it is the Interpreters, and their opinions, which allow these visions to guide all Voss society. The Interpreter's Retreat honors these important individuals by designating a protected and sacred place for their work. While most of the Retreat is forbidden to outsiders, visitors with special permission may enjoy limited access under the close supervision of a Voss guide.

Guests may spot a group of Interpreters around the Shrine of Understanding, where visions are carefully recorded and categorized before they are assigned to Interpreters. Visions of great importance or complexity are given to more than one Interpreter to ensure accurate final readings.

After receiving an assignment, Interpreters perform a ritual of preparation at the Altar of Clarity before withdrawing to the Shrine of Judgment, where the visions are carefully studied and examined. The details of this process are a subject of speculation, even among the general Voss population, due to generations of tradition and enforced mystery. As a result, Interpreters occupy a space that is essential, yet separate, from their community."

--From "Visions and Verities: A Collection of Essays on Myth, Symbolism, and Ritual within Voss Society," by Dr. Eksa Fa'kar



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