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Amidst Onderon's sweeping mountains and colorful flora, brave travelers will find the planet's crown jewel, the city of Iziz. The most prominent and advanced settlement on its host world, Iziz is well known for its ornate structures, equally extravagant citizens, and most notably, its fabled defenses. The city boasts high, fortified walls constructed to safeguard the bustling streets from the dangerous terrestrial creatures beyond. More impressive, however, are the massive anti-aircraft turbolaser turrets peppering the surrounding terrain that serve two purposes: to fend off trespassing starships, and to protect the city's inhabitants from the wing-borne terrors of Dxun, Onderon's "Demon Moon."

When inquiring of the city's inhabitants why anyone would remain voluntarily in such a hazardous setting, proud citizens assert that if one can flourish in Iziz, then life anywhere else is bound to be pedestrian.