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Meridian Complex Shipyard

Corellia is already a prominent home for shipbuilding, but none of its myriad starship construction facilities can compare with the innovations of the newly-constructed Meridian Complex shipyard. Nestled along the shoreline near Coronet City, the facility's structure is like most others: a grand, sweeping shell filled with the promise of fleets of ships soon to launch toward the stars. Its high corridors snake their way inward like a metallic labyrinth, eventually terminating at the primary production spire. The towering structure looms high above Corellia's surface, a monument to its engineers' recent achievements.

Rumored to be derived from the advanced technologies of Iokath, this facility is capable of producing warships three times faster than its predecessors while requiring only a fraction of the energy consumption. This alone makes it a crucial addition to the Republic's assets in a time of severely limited resources, and a severe threat to the war efforts of the Sith Empire.