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Rakghoul Propagation

It has long been thought that the only way for the rakghoul virus to spread was by turning other beings into rakghouls through infection, but close studies of underground rakghoul habitats now point to a more complicated and unsettling reality: that rakghouls can propagate without the need for turning.

Located deep below the surface of infected planets, small rakghouls have been found roaming together in packs. These "raklings" appear to have been formed from luminescent spore sacs strung along the rakghoul tunnels, though it is not yet clear to biologists how this process works. They have learned, however, that the raklings are attracted to a particular pheromone emitted from certain flora found within the tunnels. Researchers have long wished to use this pheromone to lure raklings into captivity, but strict antiviral protocols enacted by THORN do not allow these proto-rakghouls to be taken aboveground. Until they can be tested in a proper laboratory setting, the truth of how rakghouls self-multiply may not be fully understood.