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Shrine of Silence

"Because the Voss accept the secretive nature of the Interpreters without question, the rituals and procedures conducted inside the Shrine of Silence are rarely--if ever--discussed. Even the most knowledgeable academics who study Voss society do not know for sure what occurs there.

The general consensus, however, is that the Shrine is the location of a peculiar ceremony that marks the end of a Voss's training as an Interpreter. It is said that before an Interpreter can officially accept the role, they are required to stay in the Shrine of Silence for one week. During this time, they must light multiple sacred pyres, illuminating every corner of the temple, so that no transgressions can be hidden. The Voss may not eat, sleep, or speak; instead, they must silently consider every instance where they wrongfully judged another.

Many Interpreters have said that their time in the Shrine of Silence was a blessing. Others, including those who did not pass this last trial, claim that the practice was torture. Left alone, with nothing but deafening silence and glaring light, their thoughts turned sinister and malevolent."

--From "Visions and Verities: A Collection of Essays on Myth, Symbolism, and Ritual within Voss Society," by Dr. Eksa Fa'kar