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The Spike

When a mining crew drilled into what they had thought was a prothium gas pocket, the first underground network of rakghoul tunnels was discovered. Since then, direct routes have not been found into these densely populated tunnels that happen to correspond with rakghoul outbreaks. To access such networks in an efficient and timely manner, THORN founder Addalar Hyland introduced The Spike: a massive, cylindrical pulse hammer that quickly displaces soil and rock to form a temporary turbolift shaft leading directly into the rakghouls' subterranean lairs.

Originally developed by Galactic Solutions Industries to fire troop deployments deep into sub-crustal enemy bunkers, the effects of The Spike's ground-busting payload were deemed too violent for those within to survive the turbulence, making the costly apparatus less than desirable to prospective buyers. In its new role as a facilitator between rakghouls and those who wish to dispose of them, The Spike has found great success.