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A subterranean species of semi-sentient bipedal insects, the voreclaw survived the devastating ritual that wiped out all life on Nathema's surface... but not without cost. The dark side cataclysm obliterated the Voreclaw's hive mind, transforming their underground colonies into mindless individuals without purpose or will.

Driven by hunger, the voreclaw emerged onto Nathema's barren surface, where the sun's radiation seared their exposed flesh and charred their chitinous shells. With no other plants or animals to eat, the voreclaw resorted to cannibalism-- devouring each other until only the few strongest remained.

The species was saved from extinction when the Sith Emperor captured the few survivors to use as guardians in his underground vault. Frozen in carbonite, the voreclaw remained in suspended animation for generations--grim sentries waiting to be awakened should anyone be foolish enough to enter their new domain.



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