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X-70B Phantom-class Prototype (Agent)

One of the most sophisticated lightweight starships in the galaxy, the X-70B Phantom is an experimental model designed to resemble a luxury shuttle while possessing the combat capacity of a heavy starfighter. Beneath the sleek metal exterior and the interior wood paneling is an unmatched density of sophisticated circuits, wires, cooling systems and other components, many never before used in a starship of this size.

The X-70B shields its military-grade hardware from virtually all scanners, allowing it to travel unnoticed among civilian vessels. Its own sensor capabilities are formidable, and although not normally equipped with a cloaking device (due to heat and power concerns), the ship can be refitted with such a module for short-term missions.

Maintenance work on the X-70B is extraordinarily difficult and expensive due to the super-compressed nature of its mechanics, making the Phantom-class an unlikely candidate for wide-scale production. This difficulty is only aggravated by the fact that Imperial Intelligence refuses to share its ship specifications with the Imperial military.