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Portrait: companions/fe/kkrohl


The Talent Scout

Not everyone who walks around with a Czerka BTZ-47 heavy assault cannon is looking for a fight. In a few cases, they're more interested in opening a mutually beneficial dialogue. The Whiphid self-described "talent scout" known as K'krohl proudly raises his weapon as a calling card to announce that he's open for business and seeking a few good mercenaries.

K'krohl has recruited forces for a diverse array of clients, from the Hutt Cartel's Territorial Enforcers to Makeb's InterStellar Regulators and even the Republic SIS's Saboteur Squads. He believes that every criminal, no matter how despicable, has a hidden talent just waiting to be leveraged for the right cause. These days, his well-paying cause is to gather forces to fight for the Alliance against the Eternal Empire.




This companion will have the following missions available for you as soon as their conditional is met.

ConditionalMissionTravel location
the_shield_bunker_is_eligibleBelsavis: The Shield Bunker4611686025952170568
the_shield_bunker_is_eligible_impBelsavis: The Shield Bunker4611686025952170568
influence_quest_is_eligible_imperialGearing Up: K'krohl4611686025952170568
influence_quest_is_eligible_republicGearing Up: K'krohl4611686025952170568
the_resistance_is_eligible_impBelsavis: The Resistance4611686025952170568
the_resistance_is_eligibleBelsavis: The Resistance4611686025952170568

Travel to companion

If you meet this conditional, you'll be able to travel to this companion at the given location.

ConditionalTravel location

Used in conditionals

This companion is referenced in the following conditionals to check if the conditional is met.

"Player has met" checks
"Companion is summoned" checks
Influence checks

Gift reactions

Use gifts to increase your influence with this companion. Make sure to use gifts loved by the companion for the highest influence gain!

WeaponFavorite +++
Military GearLike ++
LuxuryLove ++++
Republic MemorabiliaIndifferent
Imperial MemorabiliaIndifferent
Cultural ArtifactIndifferent
Underworld GoodLove ++++
DelicaciesFavorite +++


DPS spec
Weapon Proficiency: Assault Cannonpassive

Exhaustive Shot

Drains the target by dealing <<1>> weapon damage over a 10 second duration and causing the target to become sundered. Sundered targets have their armor reduced by 20% for <<2[%d seconds/%d second/%d seconds]>>.

FQN: abl.​companion.​weapon_set.​assault_cannon.​dps.​single_target_dot

Exhaustive Shot
97012sinstant30 m

Electro Dart

Fires an electro dart stunning the target for <<1[%d seconds/%d second/%d seconds]>>.

FQN: abl.​companion.​weapon_set.​assault_cannon.​dps.​single_stun

Electro Dart
100045sinstant30 m


A powerful shot dealt to a single target, dealing <<1>> weapon damage.

FQN: abl.​companion.​weapon_set.​assault_cannon.​dps.​single_target_attack


Suppressing Fire

Lays down a stream of suppressing fire hitting all hostiles 4m around the enemy target dealing <<1>> weapon damage to up to 5 targets over 1.5 seconds.

FQN: abl.​companion.​weapon_set.​assault_cannon.​dps.​aoe_attack

Suppressing Fire
98022.5s1.5s channel30 m

Deadeye Shot

Fires a precision shot to a target with less than 30% health, dealing <<1>> weapon damage.

FQN: abl.​companion.​weapon_set.​assault_cannon.​dps.​execution_attack

Deadeye Shot
99020s1s cast30 m
Healing spec
Weapon Proficiency: Assault Cannonpassive
Ardent Protectorpassive
Covert Medicpassive
Self Preservationpassive


Binds the target in a stasis field for up to 10 seconds. Damage to the target causes this effect to end prematurely. Targets may only be affected by Electro-Stasis once every 30 seconds. Target must not be suffering from periodic damage and have greater than 90% max health.

FQN: abl.​companion.​weapon_set.​assault_cannon.​healer.​single_target_mez

99045sinstant30 m

Kolto Drip

Slowly heals the target for <<1>> over <<2[%d/%d/%d]>> seconds and cleanses physical and mental effects each time it heals the target.

FQN: abl.​companion.​weapon_set.​assault_cannon.​healer.​single_target_hot

Kolto Drip
97012sinstant30 m

Ardent Protector

Closes the distance the target, healing for <<2>>.

FQN: abl.​companion.​trait.​healer.​ardent_protector.​blaster

Ardent Protector
10004sinstant21-45 m

Progressive Kolto Scan

Heals a friendly target for <<1>> over the duration of the channel.

FQN: abl.​companion.​weapon_set.​assault_cannon.​healer.​channel_heal

Progressive Kolto Scan
9007.5s3s channel30 m

Kolto Quick Scan

Executes a quick Kolto scan on the target, healing for <<1>>.

FQN: abl.​companion.​weapon_set.​assault_cannon.​healer.​single_target_heal

Kolto Quick Scan
98010sinstant30 m

Trauma Probe

Deploys a Trauma Probe with 6 charges that lasts up to 3 minutes. When the target is damaged, Trauma Probe loses 1 charge and heals the target for <<1>>. This effect cannot occur more than once every 3 seconds. A target may not have more than one Trauma Probe active.

FQN: abl.​companion.​weapon_set.​assault_cannon.​healer.​kolto_shell

Trauma Probe
99920sinstant30 m
Tank spec
Weapon Proficiency: Assault Cannonpassive
Threat Boosterpassive
Armor Proficiency: Shield Generatorpassive

Provoking Flare

Fires a flare taunting attacking enemies forcing them to attack your companion and generates a moderate amount of threat.

FQN: abl.​companion.​weapon_set.​assault_cannon.​tank.​aoe_taunt

Provoking Flare
97020sinstant30 m


Fires a multi-grapple line that fires in a wide cone in front of the companion and pulls the closest three targets and generates a high amount of threat. Only affects targets that are in combat and are not in cover or have Boss Immunity.

FQN: abl.​companion.​weapon_set.​assault_cannon.​tank.​aoe_pull_mk2

96045sinstant4-30 m

Threatening Focus

Taunts the target, forcing it to attack the companion for 6 seconds. Also reinforces the companion by placing an absorb shield that absorbs a moderate amount of damage.

FQN: abl.​companion.​weapon_set.​assault_cannon.​tank.​single_target_taunt

Threatening Focus
98012sinstant30 m

Powered Charge

Charges or strikes the target, dealing <<1>> tech damage, healing for a partial amount of damage dealt and generates a moderate amount of threat.

FQN: abl.​companion.​weapon_set.​assault_cannon.​tank.​single_target_attack

Powered Charge
9907.5sinstant30 m

Anti-Personnel Detonator

Activates an explosive that deals <<1>> kinetic damage to up to 5 enemies 5m around the user. Generates a moderate amount of threat and reduces incoming damage by 50% for 10 seconds. Does not hit sleeping, lifted, or incapacitated enemies.

FQN: abl.​companion.​weapon_set.​assault_cannon.​tank.​aoe_attack

Anti-Personnel Detonator
100015sinstant4 m