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Alliance Walker

Level 70 | Champion | Walker


Passives (3)

Passive abilities are applied as soon as the NPC spawns. They usually add certain buffs to the NPC.

Abilities (5)

NPCs always use the abilities with the highest priority. If an ability is not available (because it is still on cooldown or the conditions are not met), then the NPC tries to use the ability with the second-highest priority, and so on.


Orbital Strike

FQN: abl.​exp.​seasons.​01.​ep_03.​atst.​orbital_strike

Orbital Strike
15sinstant30 m100100%

Charged Bolt

FQN: abl.​flurry.​droid.​atst.​imp.​a02.​ranged_special_attack_02

Charged Bolt
12s2s cast30 m250%

Missile Barrage

FQN: abl.​flurry.​droid.​atst.​imp.​a02.​ranged_special_attack_01

Missile Barrage
12sinstant30 m250%

Mortar Round

Fires a heavy round that deals <<1>> kinetic damage to the primary target and <<2>> kinetic damage to up to 3 targets within 5 meters. If the primary target is a weak or standard enemy, it is knocked to the ground.

FQN: abl.​flurry.​droid.​atst.​imp.​a01.​ranged_special_attack_01

Mortar Round
12sinstant5-30 m1100%

Basic Attack

(Standard attack for AT-ST)

FQN: abl.​flurry.​droid.​atst.​imp.​a02.​flurry_mixed

Basic Attack
1.5sinstant30 m0100%


Loot information

Loot package: 13416625673570628860



3D model
  • Material: atst_walkerzak_a01_v02
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