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PD-44 <Elite Defender>

Level 50 | Champion | Boss


Passives (4)

Passive abilities are applied as soon as the NPC spawns. They usually add certain buffs to the NPC.

Abilities (11)

NPCs always use the abilities with the highest priority. If an ability is not available (because it is still on cooldown or the conditions are not met), then the NPC tries to use the ability with the second-highest priority, and so on.


Unstable Power Core

FQN: abl.​npc.​ability.​custom.​boss.​flashpoint.​rra.​pd_44.​hard.​unstable_power_core

Unstable Power Core
60m 0sinstantany1000100%

Powerful Blast

FQN: abl.​npc.​ability.​custom.​boss.​flashpoint.​rra.​pd_44.​hard.​secondary_blast

Powerful Blast
10s4s cast50 m200100%

Secondary Blast Setup

FQN: abl.​npc.​ability.​custom.​boss.​flashpoint.​rra.​pd_44.​hard.​secondary_blast_setup

Secondary Blast Setup

Missile Blast

FQN: abl.​npc.​ability.​custom.​boss.​flashpoint.​rra.​pd_44.​hard.​missile_blast

Missile Blast
noneinstant50 m180100%

Missile Blast Setup

FQN: abl.​npc.​ability.​custom.​boss.​flashpoint.​rra.​pd_44.​hard.​missile_blast_setup

Missile Blast Setup
20sinstant50 m170100%

Focus Fire

FQN: abl.​npc.​ability.​custom.​boss.​flashpoint.​rra.​pd_44.​hard.​focus_fire

Focus Fire
15s3s channel50 m140100%

Dummy Missile

Hidden ability, this places a buff on a random target that does not already have it. It then calls a hydra action which causes the boss to then fire a ground targeted missile at that player.

FQN: abl.​npc.​ability.​custom.​boss.​flashpoint.​rra.​pd_44.​hard.​orbital_strike_dummy

Dummy Missile
15sinstant60 m130100%

Energy Weapons

FQN: abl.​npc.​ability.​custom.​boss.​flashpoint.​rra.​pd_44.​hard.​flurry

Energy Weapons
noneinstant30 m50100%

Flurry Blocker

FQN: abl.​npc.​ability.​custom.​flashpoint.​eternity_vault.​silentior.​difficulty_1.​flurry_blocker

Flurry Blocker

Blast Attack

FQN: abl.​creature.​colicoid_droid.​colicoiddroid_default_ranged_special_attack

Blast Attack
6sinstant5-30 m130%

Ranged Attack

(Standard attack for Battle Droid)

FQN: abl.​flurry.​droid.​colicoid_droid.​colicoid_droid_ranged

Ranged Attack
1.5sinstant30 m070%


Char ref: chr.pd-44

Loot information

Loot package: 1519055067425086355, 15166529875228656437



3D model
  • Material: colicoid_basedroid_a02_v01
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