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Saber Storm


Saber Storm


Increases the critical strike damage bonus of Blade Rush and Clashing Blast by 15%.


Rank 1

Clashing Blast

Unleashes a powerful blast of Force energy at the target, dealing <<1>> energy damage. The blast stuns standard and weak enemies for <<2>> seconds. Replaces Blade Storm.

FQN: abl.​jedi_knight.​skill.​combat.​clashing_blast

Clashing Blast
Force Critical Damage Bonus+0.15

Blade Rush

Strikes the target with both weapons for <<1>> weapon damage and automatically triggers an Ataru Form strike, bypassing Ataru Form's rate limit. For 6 seconds after using Blade Rush, your Ataru Form has an extra 30% chance to be triggered. Requires two lightsabers. Replaces Slash.

FQN: abl.​jedi_knight.​skill.​combat.​blade_rush

Blade Rush
Melee Critical Damage Bonus+0.15



Used by
  • apc.tutorial.knight.sentinel.combat.1
  • apc.jedi_knight.sentinel.combat
  • apc.test.cdurel.class_prototypes.war_kni.sentinel_combat