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Warding Power


Warding Power


Increases the critical chance of Force Sweep and Guardian Slash by 20%. Additionally, Warding Strike deals an additional 30% damage and increases shield absorption by 3%.


Rank 1

Force Sweep

Strikes the target and up to 8 enemies within 5 meters with the Force, dealing <<1>> kinetic damage. Also stuns weak and standard enemies for <<2>> seconds.

FQN: abl.​jedi_knight.​sweep

Force Sweep
Force Critical Chance+0.2

Warding Strike

Increases damage reduction and shield absorption by 3% for <<2[%d seconds/%d second/%d seconds]>>, generates 6 focus, and deals <<1>> weapon damage to the target with a series of quick melee attacks. Replaces Sundering Strike.

FQN: abl.​jedi_knight.​skill.​defense.​warding_strike

Warding Strike
Damage Done Modifier (Percentage)+0.3

Guardian Slash

Slashes the target with a powerful stroke, dealing <<1>> weapon damage, enabling Riposte, and impairing the target for <<2[%d seconds/%d second/%d seconds]>>. Impaired targets deal 5% less damage with Force and tech attacks. If you are protected by your Warding Strike, Guardian Slash damages up to 7 additional nearby enemies for the same amount. Does not damage sleeping, lifted, or incapacitated enemies. This attack knocks down all affected standard and weak enemies. Generates a high amount of threat.

FQN: abl.​jedi_knight.​skill.​defense.​guardian_slash

Guardian Slash
Melee Critical Chance+0.2



Used by
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  • apc.test.cdurel.class_prototypes.war_kni.guardian_defense
  • apc.jedi_knight.guardian.defense