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The Coruscanti expression "cheerful as an Advozse" refers to the well-known pessimism of this horned sentient species. Advozsec come from the geologically unstable Mid Rim world of Riflor, which has suffered groundquakes and volcanic eruptions throughout its history. Advozsec, therefore, often witness their cities' destruction by natural disasters, and have become accustomed to expecting the worst.

Advozsec's distinctive black eyes allow them to cope with the high quantities of volcanic ash in Riflor's atmosphere, providing specialized tear ducts and excellent vision in low light. Riflor's ash also nourishes a surprisingly wide variety of plant life, allowing the strictly vegetarian Advozsec to enjoy a varied diet.

In the Republic, Advozsec are known as gifted starship engineers and reliable, if dour bureaucrats; to the Empire, their adaption to harsh environments--and cheap diet--make them appealing mercenaries and servants.



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