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Alliance Intelligence Report: RS-33 Adrenal

Subject: RS-33 Adrenal
Status: Contained

The RS-33 adrenal and its progenitor, the RAK-5 serum, have been contained and the research destroyed. Doctor Semhess's dangerous project is no longer a threat. Investigations into the project's origins and principal contributors are now underway.

One notable early discovery relates to Doctor Rahser Poth, the expert who supposedly developed the RAK-5 serum. We've learned that his research was aided by an anonymous scientist. Their communications were encrypted, but we're piecing together what we've been able to recover--and it appears that this unknown scientist fed Doctor Poth the majority of the information that led to the RAK-5 breakthrough. Efforts to ID this scientist have turned up no results so far.

Also of note is funding for the project, which was falsely obtained through a Republic endowment for disease research and treatment development. A staggering amount of data was altered to facilitate this, requiring slicing skills that no one among Semhess's staff seem to have possessed. Agents will continue analyzing the falsified data to find clues as to its origin and thus identify the additional conspirator(s).