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Blaster's Path

Raider's Cove has become a top stop for those who like their fun times in a tropical paradise seasoned with a healthy pinch of danger, and the Blaster's Path cantina is the go-to destination. Set a short distance from ebony-sanded beaches, patrons can enjoy their drinks out under the warmth of the sun and in Rishi's tranquil waters. And when the weather turns, the Path serves as shelter from relentless monsoons and chilly winter nights.

The Path's two stories offer ample space for drinks, concerts, card tournaments, and large private events, leaving many first-timers stunned to hear the cantina's owner downplay its qualities. But anyone who knows Kareena knows that her dry cynicism comes from regret. Ever since she allowed the Nova Blades a stake in the Path, the Blades have had their run of the place and profits have declined as a result. Kareena does hold onto a glimmer of hope that she'll one day make the Blaster's Path fully hers again, though she's not exactly holding her breath.