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Darth Marr

One of the longest-serving members of the Dark Council, Darth Marr is a terrifying warrior and a true believer in the Sith Code. In the early days of the war, he seized world after world for the expanding Empire and gained a reputation for personally leading charges against Republic defenders. However, once the Empire had established its power and the war began to drag on, Marr found fewer opportunities to leave the Dark Council chambers and directly engage in the fray--a situation that embittered the Sith Lord.

Marr's creed is "Life is the enemy. Death is our solace." He believes in strife and the glory of conflict, and rumors among his rivals claim that he sees his own death approaching. True or not, Marr carries out his duties with unresigned fury and determination.

With his humanity long forgotten and his face unseen, Marr's inner thoughts are impossible to determine. But his desire to leave a strong Empire behind him is unquestioned, and his abilities are second to none.