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Death of a World

Global cataclysms are not unheard of. Whole worlds teeming with life have been rendered lifeless by meteorites, broken apart by instability in the planet's own core--even atomized by the destructive force of a supernova. But the eerie calm of a world stripped of life yet left otherwise intact is another matter altogether. Whispered rumors have persisted of planets snuffed out through intricate Sith rituals or by way of deadly, arcane machines--such as the device Revan sought to employ on Yavin 4--but Ziost represents a clear display of the corrosive power of the dark side of the Force taken to its extreme.

In her address to the Galactic Republic, Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh mourned the loss of life, vowing to "stop the mad Sith Emperor at any cost." Similarly, word has filtered through the Sith Empire that the Dark Council is actively hunting their former Emperor while also working with renowned Sith alchemists on a plan to destroy the one they call Vitiate for good.