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Dread Master Styrak

The Dread Masters possess incredible, unprecedented power over the dark side of the Force; a power developed through rituals created by one of their own, the incomparable Sith alchemist known as Styrak. Even before Styrak became one of the Dread Masters, his superior intellect and sadistic experiments on subjects both living and dead were infamous. Hundreds, perhaps even thousands of slaves and beasts have been claimed by Styrak's heartless pursuit of mastery over the Force.

Styrak is also the most individualistic of the Dread Masters: whether out of pride or supreme confidence, he is the one most likely to strike out alone in pursuit of the group's goals. Rumors have long suggested that the Dread Masters only possess their full power when acting together, but so far, no one has dared to test the rumor by challenging Styrak during any of his "excursions".



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