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Galactic History 92: The Hydian Way

Driven to test themselves in war, the Mandalorians had traditionally found common ground with the goals of the Sith. After the Empire's return, a new Mandalore emerged, forged in the gladiatorial arenas of Geonosis, and agreed to an Imperial alliance. Calling his scattered people together, Mandalore assembled a powerful fleet and blockaded the Hydian Way, a critical Republic supply line.

The Core Worlds slowly began to starve, and a partnership of underworld figures led by the smuggler Hylo Visz saw opportunity. The group baited the Mandalorians with bulk freighters of goods, before a motley fleet of starships ambushed the Mandalorian cruisers and forced them to break formation. With support from the Republic Navy, the blockade was destroyed.

As Hylo and her associates grew rich overnight, the Mandalorians withdrew. Dissent was growing in the ranks. Soon, Mandalore himself would face a challenge to his leadership.