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Galactic History 94: The Sacking of Coruscant

The rise of the Sith Empire seemed unstoppable. The Republic had suffered vast losses; many worlds were even rebelling to save themselves. So when the Sith Empire suddenly offered to discuss a peace treaty, the Galactic Senate was suspicious--but the Supreme Chancellor could not ignore a chance to end the war.

Delegations from both sides travelled to Alderaan, but in a daring strike, the Empire attacked Coruscant and held the planet hostage. The Supreme Chancellor was forced to sign the Treaty of Coruscant dictated by the Empire, ending hostilities and handing over several apparently insignificant planets.

Many Sith, including Darth Malgus, were furious. They had believed the treaty was a cunning ruse; it made no sense to actually agree to peace. Many in the Republic, too, believed the treaty was only a delaying tactic before the killing blow. The Treaty of Coruscant had been signed; whether the peace would be kept was a different matter.