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GEMINI: Hive Mind

For easier control, GEMINI droids operate through a single collective consciousness. An order issued from the Eternal Throne is not sent to an individual droid, but to the hive mind for assignment to the best-suited unit. While each droid retains a limited sense of individuality, she acts more like an appendage of a singular brain than an individual connected to a network.

GEMINI droids share thoughts, reactions, and instincts. Every GEMINI feels when one unit's pain receptors fire. A single GEMINI's destruction is experienced by the entire fleet. A droid's existence does not end with deactivation; its consciousness is absorbed into the hive mind for redistribution. If a new chassis isn't available, the consciousness remains in the hive mind, waiting. Unless every GEMINI unit is destroyed, the Eternal Fleet's squad of captains can exist indefinitely.