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Huttbreaker's Rebellion

Prava's grasp on the station was tentative--the hollowed-out asteroid required more upkeep than a typical mining station, and despite its profits, few in the Cartel believed the small operation was a worthy venture. Without sufficient outside investment, even the most basic infrastructure was difficult for the Hutt to maintain.

During the Hutt Cartel's crisis on Makeb, Prava's attentions were more divided than usual, and a Nikto slave named Gritha Dar used the Hutt's distraction to her advantage. Captivating and eloquent, Dar persuaded smugglers, gun runners, ex-Mandalorian warriors, and even slave traders that doing business with her instead of a weak and incompetent Hutt would be far more lucrative.

Once she secured her network of resources, Dar rallied her fellow slaves against Prava and his mercenaries, who were blindsided by the overwhelming forces the slaves had acquired. Dar was a ferocious leader, and Prava was outmatched from the start; the revolution was over almost as quickly as it began.

When the dust settled, no one questioned that Dar should lead the survivors through whatever came next. Dar immediately accepted her new role, formed a council out of prominent figures who supported her rebellion, and renamed the station "Mek-Sha," in honor of a friend she claims inspired her revolution.