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A mineral unknown in the rest of the galaxy, isotope-5 was secretly discovered during Hutt-backed deep-core mining operations on the planet Makeb. Named for the fifth known isotopic variation of an element normally found in neutron stars, isotope-5 has powerful warping effects on gravitational and electromagnetic fields even in miniscule quantities.

Early research into isotope-5's potential as an energy source is extraordinarily promising. The substance is relatively stable, and particle bombardment could theoretically induce a desired state in the isotope to channel various forms of energy.

Best estimates put the total amount of isotope-5 in Makeb's core at less than two tonnes. Nonetheless, it is highly likely that Makeb's atmospheric interference and unusual mesa formations are a result of the isotope's presence.

The existence of isotope-5 is highly classified. Only select Imperial personnel, high-ranking Hutt Cartel members and Makeb natives directly involved with its mining are believed to be aware of its existence.