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Kowakian Monkey-Lizard

When it comes to compatibility, few pets in the criminal underworld can outmatch a monkey-lizard from the planet Kowak. Their intelligence allows them to understand and execute complex commands, while their small size, nimble bodies and prehensile tails make it easy for them to maneuver through small spaces. The Kowakian monkey-lizard isn't exactly defenseless, either. When cornered, they are known to go for any would-be assailant's neck and eyes with their sharp claws and powerful beaks.

For those whose sense of humor tends toward the sadistic, it also doesn't hurt that Kowakian monkey-lizards are notoriously cruel. Their knack for recognizing weakness in others provides ample opportunity for acts of public humiliation, which they'll often carry out while chirping away with a mocking laughter that will haunt the victim until their dying days.