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Mining on Makeb

Since Makeb's initial settlement, the mining industry has been at the heart of life on the planet. When valuable minerals were discovered in Makeb's mesas, the first settlers--stranded and unable to communicate with the Republic--were forced to improvise mining tools to extract them. Some wealthy citizens like to boast that their ancestors dug up fortunes with their bare hands.

Today, Makeb's miners use huge laser drills to reach valuable minerals deep beneath the surface. Once the laser has bored a shaft, a gravity funnel draws the resulting material up to the mining station. Automated systems inside the station sift the ore and begin the initial stages of processing.

Since Makeb's mines often bore into the heart of the planet or take advantage of existing volcanic vents, the operators have developed sophisticated heat-shielding technology. Marketing these shields has been almost as lucrative as the mining itself.



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