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Operation: Silverplate (Agent)

Category: Information Gathering / Threat Elimination
Location: Alderaan
Date: Classified
Primary: Cipher Nine
Secondary: Vector Hyllus

Operational Summary: Funding for the Eagle's terrorist network was traced to Alderaan; Cipher Nine was sent to identify and eliminate source. Imperial Diplomatic Service member Vector Hyllus was chosen to assist despite uncertain status (see cross-reference).

Cipher Nine and Vector Hyllus identified local negotiator Denri Ayl and Baroness Chay Cortess as primary funders of the terrorist network. House Cortess was not implicated as a whole; however, appropriate responses and precautions have been taken. Vector Hyllus was flagged as an asset, and permanent transfer from the Diplomatic Service was granted.

Cross-reference: Cortess, Vector Hyllus, Killik, Protean, Eagle, Dominator