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Pneumatic Trams

The pneumatic trams of Iokath cross every kilometer of the planetary megastructure in a complex network of tubes that doubles as a transportation system and cooling matrix for the technological world. The trams were initially built as an energy-efficient method of moving construction supplies to the far corners of the planet. Propelled by pressurized gas, these materials were transported across entire continents, speeding up Iokath's creation tenfold.

For centuries, the trams operated without incident--until an act of sabotage ignited the pressurized gas and sparked a catastrophic explosion that killed thousands and leveled a nearby settlement. This attack sparked the Iokath Civil War, a centuries-long conflict that ended with the extinction of every organic species on the planet. When the dust settled, Iokath's droid caretakers fixed the tram and used it to help repair the damage wrought by their deceased creators.