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Raider's Cove

In the hearts and minds of many of its residents, Raider's Cove isn't some cobbled-together beach town--it's their safe haven. The same relative lawlessness that allows unsavory types to steal and fight with abandon also gives those who don't wish to live under the rule of galactic authorities a suitable home. And it's not as though Raider's Cove is a hotbed of anarchy: the town's founding pirate crew, the Nova Blades, routinely contend with residents and visitors who become too much of a nuisance.

The first phase of Raider's Cove, now a bustling port, was built using only what the stranded Nova Blades had available from their crashed ship, plus whatever natural resources they could plunder from the local Rishii. As more pirates arrived on Rishi and the local economy began to flourish, relatively polished structures were constructed along the black-sand shores and Raider's Cove became a vacation destination for adventure and trouble seekers everywhere--a true resort for the wicked.