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Revolt on Ziost

No society is devoid of the potential for raucous dissent from its people, and tightly controlled populations are the most prone to opposition being expressed through horrific acts of violence. Through the centuries, Ziost has been the focus of many attempts at bloody revolution. Though no uprising has been successful to date, their cost in lives, property and stability have taken a toll on the one-time Sith capital.

The most recent revolt came in the form of vicious attacks from the Ziost Liberation Front, a group of guerrilla fighters officially recognized by the Sith Empire as a terrorist organization. The ZLF did not discern between military and civilian targets in their desperate campaign to overthrow the Empire, making the group feared even by those they claimed to be fighting for. They were eventually snuffed out, but not before causing severe damage to New Adasta's infrastructure. As a result of the ZLF's actions, the Empire has taken considerable steps to ensure they can obstruct the acts of a hostile populace in New Adasta with ease and haste, should the need arise.