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Rishii Village

Species-wide, the Rishii appreciate community. Many, however, also exhibit an affinity for transience. Because of this, Rishii villages are designed to offer lodging and social activities in a tribal setting for as long as any family or individual Rishii wishes to remain. No one owns property but rather claims it for a time of their choosing.

Rishii villages are commonly set upon high elevation near the sea, allowing the Rishii to easily spot prey in the waters below while severely restricting the pathways of would-be predators. Their huts are typically built from bark, roots, branches and cereal stalks. They are far more durable than appears at first glance, as each hut is constructed with its specific location in mind to best withstand local atmospheric patterns and phenomena. A more recent addition to their villages are wooden bridges, which have been added for the convenience of non-Rishii guests.