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Scavengers on Dantooine

After the destruction of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine--and the subsequent Sith occupation--the locals were relieved to see the Jedi abandon the site. The citizens of Dantooine believed that if the Jedi returned, so would the gaze of the ruthless Sith who sought to destroy them.

When the Sith occupation of Dantooine ended, the settlers who had escaped their wrath rebuilt by salvaging the rare and unique items within the Jedi Enclave ruins. Although they didn't understand the purpose of many of the items, they knew the hefty price they would fetch would help sustain Dantooine without Republic support.

The salvaging endeavors in the enclave continued for centuries, but the damage from heavy equipment eventually took its toll on the ruins' integrity, and the Dantooinian government cracked down on all unauthorized salvaging before phasing out official efforts altogether. Many continued the work in secret, however, rather than find a new occupation.

The fall of the Eternal Empire and the renewed war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic spelled the end for scavenging in the enclave ruins, as most citizens sought to profit from the Republic's keen interest in Dantooine's agricultural potential.