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Shae Vizla: Mandalore the Avenger

When Mandalore the Vindicated fell in battle against the Eternal Empire, Shae Vizla reluctantly assumed leadership over the clans. She had sizable shoes to fill: the fallen Mandalore was popular, respected, even revered. As a lone hunter, Shae had very little experience leading people, much less an entire culture.

With the clans fractured and beaten down after years of war with Zakuul, Shae had to adapt quickly to bring her people together. She proved to be just the leader the Mandalorians needed. Her introductory battle as Mandalore the Avenger was the clans' first victory in six months.

With her impressive track record and ruthless combat tactics, Shae is perfectly suited for wartime leadership. Yet some believe the battle-hardened Mand'alor isn't fit to lead long-term, and the end of the war may see more than one challenge for her title.