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The Aggressor

To visitors and most of the residents of Raider's Cove, it is a shipwreck. At most, a unique landmark that stands tall along the western horizon. But to the Nova Blades on Rishi, the Aggressor is their home. Since its construction, the corvette has traversed the galaxy and beyond as part of the Nova Blades' pursuit of riches and notoriety, but now its engines and hull stand in such a state of disassembly and devastation that it will never sail among the stars again.

Even as an apparent husk, the Aggressor continues to serve its owners' needs. The portion of the vessel that rests parallel to the ground is now used for security services, management and, when inclement weather strikes, social gatherings; the vertical aft has been cleverly refitted to serve as living quarters and minor manufactories, with scrap metal and wood used to fashion ladders and lifts along the ship's former halls.