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The Hutts Discover Mek-Sha

When the Hutts took control of Makeb, a low-ranking Cartel member named Loddu was tasked with rooting out potential competitors to Makeb's isotope-5 mining operations. During his search, he discovered a small team of geologists who claimed to have located mineral-rich deposits on an asteroid. Loddu, unsatisfied with his meager share of Makeb's profits, sent a team of mercenaries to capture the geologists and claim the asteroid.

Within months, Loddu used what little leverage he had to transport slaves and bodyguards to the asteroid, and before long, it was a bustling mining station. Despite the overabundance of resources the imprisoned geologists had promised, production on the station was slow. Against the advice of his advisors, Loddu demanded that miners use explosives to clear areas of the asteroid faster. The hasty, substandard demolition destroyed a large portion of the rock and resulted in the demise of many laborers and mercenaries--and the impatient Hutt himself.

Loddu's sibling, Prava, unwillingly took ownership of the station and its slaves, who were seething over Loddu's carelessness. But when Prava arrived to survey the asteroid's damage, he discovered that he had also inherited an untold amount of wealth: the explosion had unearthed the valuable minerals Loddu had been seeking.