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The Imperial Attack on Voss

When the Empire first learned of Voss--a primitive world with powerful Force-sensitive Mystics--it was quickly marked for conquest. "Ambassadors" sent to the capital reported that Voss-Ka appeared wholly undefended. Soon after, the Imperial General Khypes arrived with a battle cruiser and several army divisions to demand that the Voss surrender.

Before any official communication could be sent to the Voss government, Khypes's battle cruiser exploded. Its escorts were destroyed moments later, whether caught in the cruiser's blast or eliminated through other means. The invasion was over before it had begun.

In the hours that followed, both Imperial and Republic forces scrambled to determine what had happened. No trace of an energy discharge was found, suggesting planetary defenses were not involved. The Empire suspected Republic sabotage or secret Voss weapons. The Republic theorized that the destruction was the result of Sith infighting. The Voss called it destiny.

Regardless, the Empire realized it had underestimated the Voss and hastily recalled its forces, claiming General Khypes was a rogue acting without orders. Soon, the Empire began to attempt more diplomatic overtures to the Voss people.



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