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The Jedi Temple on Tython

The Sacking of Coruscant was arguably the greatest military win in the history of the Sith Empire. Not only did it force the Galactic Republic to desperately accept unfavorable terms in ending the Great War; it also allowed for the utter destruction of the Jedi Temple. While it was hoped that this act would crush the Jedi Order's resolve, the relatively recent rediscovery of the Order's homeworld of Tython presented an opportunity for the Jedi to relocate their Temple there.

Nestled among artifacts dating to the very origins of the Jedi Order, this new Jedi Temple represents an even greater symbolic objective for the Empire. From what little Imperial Intelligence had gathered on the new structure, the Jedi learned from the mistakes of Coruscant, installing powerful defenses and multilayered security measures. But for someone like Minister of Offense Darth Arkous, such hurdles only serve to make the Jedi Temple that much more appealing a target.