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The Old World

Zakuulans have always been fascinated by suffering. In ancient times, the Old Ways taught that pain represented the power of the gods. Now, living in a near-utopia, most Zakuulans have never known what it means to suffer. Food, shelter, clothing and education are all provided by the grace of the Emperor. But in the lower recesses of the Spire, called the Old World, citizens can leave their pampered lifestyles behind and pay for the pretense of suffering, placing bets on gladiators in the arena or living out dark fantasies in the red-light district. The Knights of Zakuul have no jurisdiction there, which Arcann allows only because it keeps the privileged docile and content. Located below the Old World is Breaktown, an urban wasteland where an underbelly of outcasts has fled from the Eternal Throne's authority. In this forgotten city's decrepit ruins, debtors, black-market criminals, and those who reject the Emperor set up new pockets of society away from Arcann's prying eyes.