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Under-Moff Bensen

As a young Imperial cadet, Arribid Bensen took every opportunity to eschew soldiering and excel in the sciences. Eventually becoming an expert in geotechnical engineering, Bensen leapt at the opportunity to oversee construction of a complex system of bridges over a particularly hazardous marsh on Dromund Kaas. Bensen railed against the existing design, noting a key weakness at its foundation. His concerns were ignored, but when rebel slaves eventually exploited that very weakness, leveling the entire bridge system, Bensen became a crucial voice of reason.

Bensen has since travelled the galaxy as a consultant, pointing out the geological weaknesses of military installations and enemy targets alike. Bensen was most recently dispatched to Makeb to oversee the sensitive task of extracting mass quantities of isotope-5 from the dying planet. He was also given the new rank of "Under-Moff" in recognition of his unique importance.