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1M-G Battle Droid

Level 55 | Champion | Scavenger Droid


Passives (1)

Passive abilities are applied as soon as the NPC spawns. They usually add certain buffs to the NPC.

Abilities (11)

NPCs always use the abilities with the highest priority. If an ability is not available (because it is still on cooldown or the conditions are not met), then the NPC tries to use the ability with the second-highest priority, and so on.


Twin-linked Railguns

FQN: abl.​npc.​ability.​droid.​acklay.​scavenger_railshot

Twin-linked Railguns
15sinstant30 m100100%

Smoke Grenades

FQN: abl.​npc.​ability.​droid.​acklay.​smoke_screen

Smoke Grenades
30sinstant30 m90100%


Pulls enemy target to the caster.

FQN: abl.​npc.​ability.​droid.​battle_droid.​grapple

20sinstant8-30 m60100%

Concussion Pulse

FQN: abl.​npc.​ability.​droid.​acklay.​aoe_pushback

Concussion Pulse
15s3s cast4 m50100%

Electro Jolt

Fire an electro jolt that stuns the target for a short time. Targets a random enemy within 30m. NOTE - If the droid has Scavenger_Railshot then the target will taunt the droid for a short time (to give Railshot a chance to fire)

FQN: abl.​npc.​ability.​droid.​acklay.​scavenger_electrojolt_random

Electro Jolt
18sinstant30 m40100%

Blast Attack

FQN: abl.​creature.​battle_droid.​battledroid_default_ranged_special_attack

Blast Attack
6sinstant5-30 m125%

Ranged Attack

(Standard attack for Battle Droid)

FQN: abl.​flurry.​droid.​battle_droid.​battle_droid_ranged

Ranged Attack
1.5sinstant30 m150%

Head Laser Burst

heavy version of droid 2ndary laser attack

FQN: abl.​flurry.​droid.​battle_droid.​head_laser_burst_heavy

Head Laser Burst
6s1s cast5-30 m125%

Blast Attack

FQN: abl.​creature.​acklay_droid.​acklaydroid_default_ranged_special_attack

Blast Attack
6sinstant5-30 m150%

Anti-Personnel Blast

FQN: abl.​npc.​ability.​tech.​anticover_acklay

Anti-Personnel Blast
30s3s channel30 m1100%

Ranged Attack

(Standard attack for Acklay Droids WITH DUAL GUN BARRELS) (Derived from Battle Droid flurry)

FQN: abl.​flurry.​droid.​acklay_droid.​acklay_droid_ranged

Ranged Attack
1.5sinstant30 m1100%


Loot information

Loot package: 13416628972105513493



3D model
  • Material: battledroid_ohk99_a01_v01