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Patch 1.1.0 – Rise of the Rakghouls

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Patch Notes

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A mysterious outbreak of rakghouls threatens the worlds of the Tion Hegemony, a strategically important sector of the galaxy that has remained neutral to both Republic and Imperial advances. Now Republic and Imperial forces race to the besieged world of Kaon to eliminate the threat, desperate to secure the allegiance of the Tion Hegemony for themselves…

Welcome to Game Update 1.1 of Star Wars™: The Old Republic – Rise of the Rakghouls. In this episode your high-level characters will be introduced to the Tion Hegemony, journeying to the world of Kaon for the first time in Flashpoint: Kaon Under Siege. You can also expect to see new and dangerous foes inhabiting Operation: Karagga's Palace, challenging you further in various difficulty modes.

Beyond these major content additions, changes have been made throughout the game, including a number of changes to Open World PvP on the planet of Ilum. Read on for the full patch notes, and we look forward to hearing your feedback about the new content on the Forums.


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