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Advanced Medpac

Advanced Medpac

Restores <<1>> health. Only usable once per fight. (Cooldown: 1.5 minutes). Health restored scales by level up to level 50.




Used by

Triggered by using an item (1)

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Ability activation
Advanced Medpac
Advanced Medpac
  • [0s] [not displayed]
    Effect #1

    • On Apply

    Perform the following actions:

    • Heal the TARGET for (0.62 to 0.77)*StandardHealth, causing no threat
    • Play appearance epp . itm . potion . medpac . restore_health
    • On Apply

    Only when the following conditions are met:

      • If TARGET is in combat

    Perform the following actions:

    • Add effect #2 to TARGET from TARGET
  • [hidden] [does not expire]
    Effect #2

    • When CASTER exits combat

    Perform the following actions:

    • Remove this effect