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Agent Rane Kovach

Shared from Sith Intelligence Minister Lana Beniko's Asset Notes:

"I took it upon myself to see to a resurgent cell of the Ziost Liberation Front. The guerrilla fighters had been wreaking chaos and destruction in New Adasta, so instead of taking the time to develop assets within the organization, I opted for a more direct approach. However, I was surprised to find upon discovering the location of their headquarters that I wasn't the only one targeting the ZLF cell. Curious, I decided to see how matters would play out without me.

"Rane Kovach displayed determination and guile in his dismantling of the cell, though he did require my assistance in the end. Despite his strong distaste for the ZLF, he maintained a level of calm and rationality that I found appealing. After an extensive background check, as well as mandatory physical and cerebral stress tests, it was my judgment that Rane Kovach would make a valuable Sith Intelligence asset. He does have a tendency to value innocent life over all else to a fault, but I firmly believe he can be made to see that the needs of the Empire ultimately serve the needs of the galaxy as a whole."