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Alliance Intelligence Report: A Cause for Concern

Subject: A Theory on the Recent Galactic Uprisings
Status: Unsubstantiated

As a rising power in the galaxy, it is inevitable that the Alliance will encounter opposition from various factions. However, analysis of several recent incidents has brought to light a number of striking similarities. In many cases, a small group of criminals or political defectors under the control of an unlikely leader has quickly risen to prominence without warning.

These unexpected outbursts of dissension could be simple coincidence. They may also be mere symptoms of some flaw in Alliance political policy that is inciting these hostilities. However, we must also consider the more sinister possibility that these uprisings are all somehow connected.

The emerging pattern of these seemingly random events make more sense if considered as part of a greater, concealed whole. It may be the enemies we have faced were merely pawns, set against us by a more cunning and formidable foe to test our responses while chipping away at our strength. However, until Alliance Intelligence can find concrete evidence, this theory remains pure speculation.