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Darth Hadra

Longtime rival of the technological savant Darth Mekhis, Darth Hadra ascended to her foe's seat on the Dark Council after a classified SIS operation resulted in Mekhis's disappearance. So far as the Republic is concerned, Hadra is no improvement--although less experienced than her predecessor, she is more ambitious, more treacherous and a superior combatant.

Early in her rise to power, Hadra was the subject of unflattering rumors--proof that even in the Empire, average citizens enjoy gossiping about those in power. Word was that the strikingly attractive Hadra achieved the title of Sith Lord via a romantic relationship with Darth Malgus. Even fellow members of the Sith leadership wondered if such whispers might be true.

The accusations are ridiculous, of course. Anyone who becomes a Darth and lasts longer than a month has clearly earned her position through considerable power and sheer force of will. The truth is that Darth Hadra never required seduction to get her way; murder was always more effective.