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Darth Krovos

Darth Krovos's capacity for tactics and leadership was apparent even as a young acolyte on Korriban. As she prepared to complete her final trials, Krovos thoroughly studied the tomb where her task would take place, formulated a strategy, and convinced the other acolytes in her training group to take part. Everyone emerged from the tomb victorious, much to the chagrin of their Overseer.

Krovos vehemently defended her actions by claiming the Sith could never rule the galaxy if they needlessly slaughtered each other, but her argument was soundly ignored. In the end, her life was saved by the acolytes whom Krovos had convinced to work together--they threatened to kill the Overseer themselves if he harmed her.

Word of Krovos's triumph spread quickly, and her command of such loyalty, as well as her cunning mind, caught the attention of Darth Decimus, the head of the Sphere of Military Strategy. Decimus took Krovos as an apprentice, and under his tutelage, she quickly rose through the ranks.

Krovos's military career was highlighted by many victories, and before long, she was fighting on the front lines next to the likes of Darth Marr and Darth Malgus. However, despite Krovos's acclaim, she still strove to recognize the talent of others, as shown by her respect and admiration for her non-Sith colleague, Admiral Zasha Ranken.