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Dread Master Bestia

Perhaps the most powerful of the Dread Masters, Bestia first made a name for herself when, as a Sith apprentice, she singlehandedly crushed a slave rebellion on Ziost. This accomplishment brought her to the attention of the Emperor, who invited her to join a group of Sith to study the ancient and powerful Phobis devices. These Sith would become the Dread Masters.

Bestia was the Dread Master responsible for bringing the Masters' prophecies and insights to the Emperor's attention whenever necessary, and also for ensuring the Emperor's commands were carried out. Having learned of the Emperor's fate, she now harbors great contempt for the Empire. And with the loss of Dread Master Styrak, Bestia has become all the more spiteful. She would gladly see the galaxy crumble, even if the Dread Masters were to go with it.



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