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Field Marshal Heta Kol

The leader of a group of disenfranchised Mandalorians called the Hidden Chain, Heta Kol rose to power through a combination of political acumen, skill in combat, and an unswerving belief that Mandalorians should use their skills in war to further their own agenda, rather than acting as mercenaries for hire. This belief appealed to many clans that had split away from Mandalore the Avenger. Kol herself took on the title of Field Marshal as a tribute to the Neo-Crusader movement from centuries past.

Kol's current supporters come from the ranks of Clan Varad, the Ash'ad, and through a mutually beneficial arrangement with the ex-Mandalorian mercenaries, the Dar'manda.

"In Shae Vizla, I see only hypocrisy. She has driven out those who oppose her view, yet she has remade the Mandalorians into servants of anyone who pays her enough credits--no matter what they believe. Where is the honor in that?"

-Field Marshal Heta Kol



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