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Anarchist, bomber, folk hero: Firebrand has earned every label. Shortly after her arrival on the Spire, her very public destruction of the District 36 Museum of Art immediately branded her as a dangerous and fashionable terrorist.

Many Zakuulans consider Firebrand a source of much-needed taboo thrills, and her exploits have earned her a sizeable following. Calling themselves Flamechasers, these fans pride themselves on keeping up with her latest daring adventures.

Since only a handful of Flamechasers have seen Firebrand, tales of her appearance range from romantic to outlandish. Her most popular depiction is the mortal incarnation of Aivela, the ancient Zakuulan goddess of passion and fire. Fan art often shows Firebrand as a horned woman engulfed in blue flame, Aivela's traditional portrayal.