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Gravestone Upgrades

The origins of the Gravestone--and the Eternal Fleet--were thought to be lost to history, until the Outlander discovered the ruins of an advanced alien civilization on the droid-infested world of Iokath. Using blueprints and data files of the Gravestone's original creators recovered from Iokath, the Alliance saw the opportunity to optimize the ship's weapons and defense systems.

Unfortunately, installing the new upgrades has proved far more complicated than anticipated, leaving the Gravestone trapped in dry-dock while mechanics work frantically around the clock to integrate the new enhancements. While some argue it is foolish to sideline one of the most powerful ships in the galaxy for any length of time, the benefits seem to outweigh the risk. Once completed, the greater firepower, better shielding, and improved speed and maneuverability will make the Gravestone virtually unstoppable.